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    AFRICAphonie is a Pan African Association which operates on the premise that AFRICA can only be what AFRICANS and their friends want AFRICA to be.
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    Spotlight on the Bakweri Society and Culture. The Bakweri are an indigenous African nation.
  • Bate Besong
    Bate Besong, award-winning firebrand poet and playwright.
  • Bernard Fonlon
    Dr Bernard Fonlon was an extraordinary figure who left a large footprint in Cameroonian intellectual, social and political life.
  • Dibussi Tande
    Citizen Journalist
  • Dr Godfrey Tangwa (Rotcod Gobata)
    Renaissance man, philosophy professor, actor and newspaper columnist, Godfrey Tangwa aka Rotcod Gobata touches a wide array of subjects. Always entertaining and eminently readable. Visit for frequent updates.
  • Fonlon-Nichols Award
    Website of the Literary Award established to honor the memory of BERNARD FONLON, the great Cameroonian teacher, writer, poet, and philosopher, who passionately defended human rights in an often oppressive political atmosphere.
  • Francis Nyamnjoh
  • George Ngwane
    George Ngwane is a prominent author, activist and intellectual.
  • Jacob Nguni
    irtuoso guitarist, writer and humorist. Former lead guitarist of Rocafil, led by Prince Nico Mbarga.
  • Martin Jumbam
    The refreshingly, unique, incisive and generally hilarous writings about the foibles of African society and politics by former Cameroon Life Magazine columnist Martin Jumbam.
  • Nowa Omoigui
    Professor of Medicine and interventional cardiologist, Nowa Omoigui is also one of the foremost experts and scholars on the history of the Nigerian Military and the Nigerian Civil War. This site contains many of his writings and comments on military subjects and history.
  • Postwatch (Cameroon)
    A UMI (United Media Incorporated) publication. Specializing in well researched investigative reports, it focuses on the Cameroonian scene, particular issues of interest to the former British Southern Cameroons.
  • R. E. Ekosso
    Rosemary Ekosso, a Cameroonian novelist and blogger who lives and works in Cambodia.
  • The Ilongo Sphere
    Novelist and poet Ilongo Fritz Ngalle, long concealed his artist's wings behind the firm exterior of a University administrator and guidance counsellor. No longer. Enjoy his unique poems and glimpses of upcoming novels and short stories.
  • The Post Online (Cameroon)
    PostNewsLine is an interactive feature of 'The Post', an important newspaper published out of Buea, Cameroons.
  • Up Station Mountain Club
    A no holds barred group blog for all things Cameroonian. "Man no run!"
  • Victor Mbarika ICT Weblog
    Victor Wacham Agwe Mbarika is one of Africa's foremost experts on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Dr. Mbarika's research interests are in the areas of information infrastructure diffusion in developing countries and multimedia learning.
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    Purpose of this advocacy site: To aggregate all available information about French terror, exploitation and manipulation of Africa


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epie andrew

I wish to congratulate your braveness,as a young woman in the 21st century,pursuing to the goals of her career without shaking,I Will say stand still on your firm decision,and your answer is coming true,gone are the days when women remains only house wife to cook timanabusa and does not realise the beauty of this free gift nature by god.Be bless for I love meeting you one time for chatting. Andrew (CAMEROONIAN IN GERMANY)


i really like your website. I believe this website is very resourceful with very intellligent information. But i am confused.. about cameroonian women. what role do they play when married to a man. Can women choose who they want to be with, with out giving the parents anything? I do hope this makes sense. Can an american marry some one from cameroon? Can a man or women object to arrange marriages? what happenes if they do? Do they have choices in there life that could lead them to happiness, without doubt.

Mafany George

It is amazing how so much exists 'outhere' that we back home don't know anything about. As a Mopke, I am was proud to log on and have access to this bakwerirama website. A great and laudable initiative. Please keep it up.


Pretty deserved and well achieved story - you go sister !

awa carine

i am so proud of you
and i am happy i spend some good time with you
and i appreciate you a lot
you are my best
awa carine

Wana Njie Litumbe Jr.

Congratulations! Young lady. You are a true "tailblazer" to your generation. Soar like an eagle."mbando liyo liyo..." "....la la ndi lowa. O si la la je-jee..."

monono roland

Hai Cristine,
B,4 i commence i must appreciate u for a brilliiant up-front of our time may God almighty give u the strengh and ability to your endevous,will call as soon as i can.

ndeme emmanuel

Keep up girl. that's great,like that.
best wishes.

aniva  adrian

Congrats for the giant step taken.The sky is your limit.

Jesco Lyonga Woloko

I have just discovered this site. What a miss all this while!

For all those, who, in one way or the other contribute positively for the Bakweris, I say congratulations! Keep the spirit high.

God bless you all.

Liefeka  Kulu

I trully thank God for his grace.
i will be very grateful to learn the mokwe alphabet why should they say the Douala Ngondo is superior to ours after all we have an ocean they have but lake or stream.
the problem is that we have to improve our cultural heritage. they are losts of kitchen equipments that are dying like the (Mokowe,eroka etc)
& some tradtional dances.
i will also suggest that we creat a material to indentify us.

John Woloko

We thank God for this great promotion among the Bakwerians.

it's a good thing not to forget tradition and cultural heritage but it's even very important to focus only on the positive aspect of it. Experience has proven that many African talents and brains have been distroyed by so called traditions which are nothing but devilish organizations and sects of anti-human progress.

i'd better suggest that we create a christian Bakweri organization. thanks.

constantine ndenge

congratulations,being on thesame rail you passed through,i understand more where and what you have been up to, to get yourself where you are now.I must say,you are one brave girl.consty

Larry Cumber

It takes absolute dedication and confidence to get to where you are now. This would leave a lasting impression and propel some aspiring women with zeal and gusto wanting to get to that level. May you be blessed while you fly the skies.
Late Congrates

Crystabelle Ferim Nee Kamara

This is amazing Christine,
The first always sets the standard. You have set a double standard for us...as a woman and a mokpe. We are proud of you. you do not have limits....!!! keep up the good work. "eh mwana libiye ahokize eh mboa monyengi" You are one.
I know this comes late...but we are glad.
I am also excited about this site. Have visited it a lot of times.
Crystabelle, Dallas Texas.

monangai john monangai GERMANY


I desagree

for Liefeka Kulu

Despite that I know somebody cannot express himself her clearly, because of censure. I think you aren't so intelligent that you think, Say thanks to God, and leave others people alone, your attitude kill fraternity. God bless everybody, not only your tribe, they are many african countries whihs do not have ocean, and they are not inferior, I don't like your hate, please change.


what a man can do, a woman can do and even better. Christine , you are a source of inspiration especially to us women who are considered second to men. Go girl, go, . you shall surely fly that Boeing 747 -A to all the corners of the earth


I just wish to ask if Christine is out there, I thank you for the licence in you hands, please fly those aircrafts, its no waste of time, its an honour and hope to meet you in one of the crafts either at home or abroad, its a pleasure. you can go to fly even other regional airbuses...continue to bring blessings to our country Cameroon. Congrats.

vallee rose

bonjour christine juste pour confimer pour ton papa prof djeuma rose depuis paris.


Christine dear,

You really do make us - women, mothers, Cameroonians- proud. With God there is no limit for you. Give your best and may God be your helper and guardian. kudos.

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