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    AFRICAphonie is a Pan African Association which operates on the premise that AFRICA can only be what AFRICANS and their friends want AFRICA to be.
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    Spotlight on the Bakweri Society and Culture. The Bakweri are an indigenous African nation.
  • Bate Besong
    Bate Besong, award-winning firebrand poet and playwright.
  • Bernard Fonlon
    Dr Bernard Fonlon was an extraordinary figure who left a large footprint in Cameroonian intellectual, social and political life.
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    Citizen Journalist
  • Dr Godfrey Tangwa (Rotcod Gobata)
    Renaissance man, philosophy professor, actor and newspaper columnist, Godfrey Tangwa aka Rotcod Gobata touches a wide array of subjects. Always entertaining and eminently readable. Visit for frequent updates.
  • Fonlon-Nichols Award
    Website of the Literary Award established to honor the memory of BERNARD FONLON, the great Cameroonian teacher, writer, poet, and philosopher, who passionately defended human rights in an often oppressive political atmosphere.
  • Francis Nyamnjoh
  • George Ngwane
    George Ngwane is a prominent author, activist and intellectual.
  • Jacob Nguni
    irtuoso guitarist, writer and humorist. Former lead guitarist of Rocafil, led by Prince Nico Mbarga.
  • Martin Jumbam
    The refreshingly, unique, incisive and generally hilarous writings about the foibles of African society and politics by former Cameroon Life Magazine columnist Martin Jumbam.
  • Nowa Omoigui
    Professor of Medicine and interventional cardiologist, Nowa Omoigui is also one of the foremost experts and scholars on the history of the Nigerian Military and the Nigerian Civil War. This site contains many of his writings and comments on military subjects and history.
  • Postwatch (Cameroon)
    A UMI (United Media Incorporated) publication. Specializing in well researched investigative reports, it focuses on the Cameroonian scene, particular issues of interest to the former British Southern Cameroons.
  • R. E. Ekosso
    Rosemary Ekosso, a Cameroonian novelist and blogger who lives and works in Cambodia.
  • The Ilongo Sphere
    Novelist and poet Ilongo Fritz Ngalle, long concealed his artist's wings behind the firm exterior of a University administrator and guidance counsellor. No longer. Enjoy his unique poems and glimpses of upcoming novels and short stories.
  • The Post Online (Cameroon)
    PostNewsLine is an interactive feature of 'The Post', an important newspaper published out of Buea, Cameroons.
  • Up Station Mountain Club
    A no holds barred group blog for all things Cameroonian. "Man no run!"
  • Victor Mbarika ICT Weblog
    Victor Wacham Agwe Mbarika is one of Africa's foremost experts on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Dr. Mbarika's research interests are in the areas of information infrastructure diffusion in developing countries and multimedia learning.
  • Watch France
    Purpose of this advocacy site: To aggregate all available information about French terror, exploitation and manipulation of Africa


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nice job mola tande.your description of te conduct of the liengu rites are exhaustive. however,while the rites were performed as initiation for women and curative to certain illnesses , the article gives the erroneous impression that the rites were meant only for the purpose stated supra. i add therefore that the liengu or water spirit was believed to bless its favorites with children, rendered the barren fertile and blessed them with good catches during fishing.
it was equally believed thatmembers had the power to disappear in times of danger. yes, permit me stress that the liengu society being largely feminine, acted as a check to infidelity amongst women and guarded young girls up till marrige.the conscious or unconscious distrction of this societies, lebelling them "peganic" and "superstitious" by some of our "modern tribesmen" constitutes the undebelly of our society today and accounts for the moral decadence thet rocks us . but i,m not going to take this lying . we must sustain our cultural values especially positive valus.


i would to have spritaul powers in order to be a sucessfull man in my bussiness so if any know of any secret cult in bakweri he should mail me here is my email address kari_frankline@yahoo.de


how can i part of this mermaid cult


how can i part of this mermaid cult


Hello ,i will like to join the cult and was wondering whether you can help me with what i want.My names are Ekiinyoh Emmanuel Ndinayi and i live in Cameroon.I want to join your secret society . I have realized that nothing good comes out of the so-called God so please help me out.You would be surprised at what i am capable of doing.I will make you proud to have me in.Just initiate me and you will see it yourself.I mean what i am saying.I am ready to step up an be what i want to be.Serving and loving our gods with faithfulness.Just mail me back and give me your answer.Will be waiting...till then have a nice time


me too, help needed urgently.

The Real Ekiinyoh Emmanuel Ndinayi

This is The Real "Ekiinyoh Emmanuel Ndinayi" and i am quite offended by the impersonation above as concerns me.I am no fan of such nonsense and the person who wrote it better be happy he got away with it.Celebrity impersonation is a crime punishable by the Cameroon Law and it has been happening to me alot but this time it went too far.My real email is emmandinayi@yahoo.com .Please contact me if you can get rid of this horrible record for good.Coming along with that you will have a free signed CD of my latest track.
Thanks and waiting


Ekiinyoh, you are a celebrity? One thing you learn as a celebrity is that fans and the Enquirer and gossip columnists make up stuff about you. Your job is to ignore them. Any publicity is better than none. The day they stop talking about you, you know you are dead as a celebrity. How come I never heard about you?

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