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Charmaine Nokuri

While I appreciate Mr. Tata Kinge's tribute as African American who has been a long time member in the fight for Pan Africanism, I think the best tribute you can give our president is to embrace the color blind human rights principles he stands for. Barack Obama stands for the equality of women and civil liberties. Quality education and health care for all people regardless of ethnic group, gender, religion or class. I also believe that Africans world wide need to respect the struggle that African Americans have done for centuries to make sure that colored peoples around the world are treated with dignity and respect. While Sengal, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya have showed tremendous respect for our Civil Rights Movement other African countries are far behind in understanding the blood, sweat and tears that afford many Africans to come to America and build wealth. It utterly disgusts me the way Francophones bend over backwards to please white Europeans who have no true respect for the their culture. It was the Europeans that have created deep divisions in the African Diaspora. It was the Europeans since Ibn Battuta that broadcasted to the world that AFricans are subhuman and ape like. Yet you buy expensive European clothes, cars and wine aping their capitalistic ways. You sold your brothers into slavery, then allowed the Europeans to continually rape Mother Africa of its natural resources and chain you in neo-colonialism.

Mr. Tata Kinge can make all the songs about MY president he wants, but perhaps he should embrace the immortal words of Robert Nesta Marley and deliver them to his president to end ethnic tension and unite the Fatherland.

"They don't want to see us unite:
All they want us to do is keep on fussing and fighting.
They don't want to see us live together:
All they want us to do is keep on killing one another."

In Cameroon and through out the African Diaspora there is no Bakweri, Beti, Doula, Bamiléké, Balondo, Bamoun, American, and Caribbean, just one people fighting to end the African Brain Drain and Neo-Colonialism.

Iya Eposi Tokeson

Tata Kinge, job well done, you have recorded Bakweri Music appropriately, to acknowledge a symbolic occasion in the lives of people everywhere. The election of an American President. You use your creativity well, not only to depict Bakweri music, dance and culture, but you generously captured the occasion of a unique event. Thank you for a fantastic job well done. Bakweris and non Bakweris alike can listen and dance to Bakweri Music in the comforts of their homes, thanks to you. Keep being confident, bold, creative and authentic. There are various mediums of creativity, yours is authentic and well choreographed. Keep up the good work.

Mbake G Mbake G

That,s a good one. Tata keep it up respect!

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