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Smith Elie

This is a great source of information. It is also a proof that, some freed slaves did settle in Victoria. But how can the roots of all those settlers be traced? Perhaps it will be best if one day or in one of your editions you could bring us some info about persons like the first may of Victoria. Furthermore,if you could also mention those from Liberia and Sierra Leon,it will be of great help to me.

dango  tumma

this settlers were not southern cameroonians nor victorians, but the true
citizens there at that time were (bakwerisns) this also show why the true name of victoria should be reinstated and the true history taught in southern cameroons schools, which only goes to cement the notoon of home rule, where by only southern cameroonians should make curriculum and decisions affecting them not cameroun( la republique du)


The said was bought from Chief Williams of Bimbia which affirms that the Bimbia people owned Victoria.


Bimbia, Bakweri, Douala, same thing. However, the first settlers, already dwelling and living happily on the land and who were later expropriated, were the Bakwerians. The European invaders met a thriving and organized society they could not conquer. Having heard of what Kuva Likenye did to the Germans, they understood the Bakwerians were fiercly independent and resorted to a commercial transaction.

The land that was sold was scarecly inhabited since the main fishing port of the people of Bimbia back then was around Tiko. It was simply a commercial port that was used by the local fishermen and for export of Bakweri produce to faraway Ijaw creeks and Calabari in Nigeria. In a future response, more details will be given to show that the Bakwerians were great ocean navigators before the arrival of the Europeans who had bought the power of the gun powder from China.

Dr Menten-Alim Kumbongsi

This is really interesting and I join those who adfvocate for the reinstatement of the name Victoria that was dictatorally replaced with Limbe. And by the way Can Dr. Emmanuel Konde tell us where his warped reasoning that the original inhabitants of Victoria were Bassas came about?

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